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MLM Software

MLM Software refers to multi level marketing ( MLM ) / Affiliate marketing management tool. In which an admin user can manage a network, its users, and compensation plan.

Multi Level Marketing is a business model or marketing strategy in which the distributors’ income includes their own sales, and a percentage of the sales group they recruit, which is commonly known as their ‘down line’. Customers can also sign up as a distributor to sell the company’s product.

MLM software refers to multi-level marketing tools that help your business to promote and sell products and services to maximize profits. It streamlines and simplifies tasks by automating every process involved.

Multi-level marketing companies are those that use MLM strategy to sell their products and services. That means you can’t get their products or services without going through a representative. Some of the MLM companies are Amway, Tupperware, etc.

The three most common compensation plan types in the MLM industry are unilevel, binary, and breakaway.

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